#3 The Lord's Prayer Through Psalms

3. The Psalms above speak of the Lord's unfathomable power. He is Creator King, after all!

Question: If we truly believe the Lord is who He said He is, why do you think believers continue to go through life with fear and worries? (Don't just give the standard "The devil makes me do it" answer)

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#7 The Lord's Prayer Through Psalms

7. Prayerfully seek our Heavenly Father's help in identifying how He wants you to praise Him as you go throughout your day. Ask Him to remind you to do so! Question: Many Christians believe that our

#6 The Lord's Prayer Through Psalms

6. Along the same lines as #5, Hebrew scholar Dr. Ron Allen stated, Compare and contrast the two words “praise” and “thanksgiving.” The former is an Old Testament term, the latter is a New Testament t

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5. Many of the above verses say that the psalmist will shout and/or sing the Lord's praises. While I didn't grow up in church, once I was an adult and started attending on my own, I found that most c