#5 The Lord's Prayer Through Psalms

5. Many of the above verses say that the psalmist will shout and/or sing the Lord's praises. While I didn't grow up in church, once I was an adult and started attending on my own, I found that most congregations are very... sedate. Boring, even. I once asked a pastor why that was, and he actually told me that "God is a God of order." Yeah, He is, but that doesn't mean that He doesn't want us to worship Him joyfully! Break out the harps and drums and lyres and sing loudly! Let's not forget that God said David was a man after His own heart, and David sang and danced for the Lord in his Fruit of the Looms!

That might not go over so well in our current church...

Question: Why do you think "we" feel the need to be so sedate in our communal worship time in this day and age? We might raise our hands or clap, but why is it we don't shout for joy and dance for the Lord? (Pentecostals are exempt from answering this one lol)

2nd Question: If we're worried what "man" might think of us in being more boisterous and just excited to show the Lord our love and praise, do you think that might possibly be a way that we're denying Him? (Remember, Jesus Himself said that if we deny Him, He'll deny us 😳) Share your thoughts.

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