#6 The Lord's Prayer Through Psalms

6. Along the same lines as #5, Hebrew scholar Dr. Ron Allen stated, Compare and contrast the two words “praise” and “thanksgiving.” The former is an Old Testament term, the latter is a New Testament term. The New Testament scriptures regularly speak of thanksgiving that can be done in one’s heart and in private, even “in a closet.” But these passages are using Greek terms, not Hebrew. All of the Hebrew terms for praise have about them a public and vocal nature. In contrast then, thanksgiving may be silent and private; praise must be vocal and public. Both must be intense and genuine.”

So, praise is supposed to be public and vocal. I believe the Lord wants us to speak out loud, publicly acknowledging that His name is hallowed.

Question: As we go throughout our day, what are some ways we can make sure to acknowledge the holiness of our Lord? Remember, that means giving Him our complete devotion!

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