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News Blues

Wow. Just wow. Lately, I'm afraid to open any social media for fear of what I'm going to see. Forget watching mainstream news channels... they DEFINITELY are not safe. And we all know how "accurate" their version of the news is *cough cough*

Thanks to all the craziness lately, I decided to look for something more uplifting to share with you. Regardless of the insanity going on in the world (can you say END TIMES???) there are always opportunities to have an attitude of gratitude, right? Right.

So, here are just some pleasant news stories I found:

An Arkansas doctor has chosen to forgive $650K in debt from his former patients. Dr. Omar Atiq, an oncologist who founded the Arkansas Cancer Clinic in 1991, sent out notices to patients earlier this week that any outstanding debt would no longer need to be paid.

Article is here

Some men ice fishing on a lake in Utah rescued a young fawn trapped on the frozen lake.

It was all caught on video!

The US is building a bike trail that will stretch across 12 states. The Great American Rail-Trail will run from Washington DC to Washington state. Launched in May 2019, the route will eventually connect over 145 existing paths.

Tony Dungy (Pro Football Hall of Fame member and a sports analyst) and Benjamin Watson (former NFL tight end and director of NFL Programs for Pro Athletes Outreach) have called to the American church: "It's time for a revival!"

Article is here

Well, that's not all the good news, but that's it for now. Let's try something new for 2021--BEING POSITIVE!

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