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“The Book of Psalms instructs us in the use of wings as well as words. It sets us both mounting and singing.” Charles Spurgeon

The world is getting just a bit... crazy, isn't it? Crime is out of hand world-wide, natural disasters are on the rise, people are terrified of getting an illness, and don't even get me started on the world's governments!

I truly believe we're right on the cusp of the end times. While things might be looking pretty grim right now, I think the true Tribulation is right around the corner.

Now, more than ever, believers in Christ need to join in unity. We need to lift our brothers and sisters, encourage and counsel one another, and of course, pray together!

That is what I'm hoping will happen here in our Bible studies.



First, start by introducing yourself in the comment section below. Let us know who you are, where you are (both physically and in your walk!) and just give us a little info about how you're doing. That way we'll all know how we can be praying for each other.

After introducing yourself, head over to the post called Our Father... That's the beginning of the first study, Praying the Lord's Prayer Through the Psalms. Until we get the kinks worked out on everything (I've never created a forum before haha), I can pretty much guarantee that we're not going to have a daily study, but that's all up to the Lord. If He wants to fix it up so that we can "meet" daily, then woohoo!

When you've gone through the verses, praying them out loud to the Father, then be sure to answer the questions at the end. Feel free to comment on the other answers (but always BE NICE AND COURTEOUS!) and hopefully we'll have some nice discussion.

I'm praying this little Bible study that may start with just a handful of people will grow as others join in who might be needing some comfort and love from fellow believers. Share the love!


VJ (Vickie)

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