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When EZ was given the assignment of slaying demons, he never though he'd be snatched up and dragged into their realm!

Things are starting to look better for EZ. He's not only managed to survive a face-to-face meeting with an actual demon prince, but he was even able to pull that demon right out of his foster mother. Of course, that exorcism only lasted a few minutes before seven new demons moved into Mrs. Easton. It seems the demons won that battle.

Demons: 7 EZ: 1

EZ's also happy he's no longer alone when facing demons. His new friends, Marcus and Allison, have joined him in the very scary job of demon slaying. And realm-hopping, which EZ realizes can be very scary in itself. But EZ finds he's a little jealous of his friends, who seem to just know how to fight. Marcus and Allison both train like they were born to battle, while EZ struggles to hold a sword longer than a few minutes. While he curses his small, frail body, EZ can't help but feel... less than.

Friends: 2 EZ: 0

But now EZ has a very real problem that has nothing to do with demon slaying...mostly because he's weaponless. And in the demon realm without his friends or angel helpers. Surrounded by countless demons. But, worst of all, he's facing the demon prince himself. And more than anything, Samael wants to destroy God's chosen demon slayer. It's a fight EZ isn't ready for, especially not with the demon prince and in the demons' own realm.

Demons: 1,000 EZ: Minus 1,000,000

Will EZ be able to survive the demon realm all by himself? And if he does survive, how will he ever find his way back home? Reserve your copy today of the most adventurous story yet in the EZ Taylor, Demon Slayer series!

EZ Taylor, Demon Slayer is a thrilling and inspiring series of tales about one boy's journey to discover his true identity and purpose in life. Biblically based Christian action for young fans of L.B. Anne and Andrew Peterson, this will be your next favorite read.

All That Glitters #4 Paperback

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This item is a pre-order with a release date of 12/9/23. Expect arrival 2-3 weeks after.
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