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About Me

(This is the "let's be real part)


My husband affectionately calls me a squirrel, because he says I'm always running around picking up a nut here and a nut there (not sure what that says about him!). He's right though--I'm pretty nutty!


You probably already know that I'm a Christian author. I write across many genres (dystopian, fantasy, humor/satire, inspirational and even cowboy romance!), mostly because I can't seem to stay in one tree!

What you may not know about me is that I'm the woman at the well...I've been married six, yes SIX, times. It's embarrassing to admit and I cringe at the looks I get at that admission, but I want to be real. To throw all my garbage out there. To admit that I've messed up, and messed up badly, because I want people to know that the Lord can and WILL forgive you if you ask! And I am ever so grateful and awed by that forgiveness. HE is truly amazing!

We live on a ranch deep in the southwest USA, right on the Mexican border, where we're surrounded by God's splendor and lots of animals. My husband and I can never turn away a stray. We're loving life.



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