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Christian Fiction

Image by Joshua Bartell
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Road Trip Revival

What do you do when you lose the one thing that meant the most?

In Jean's case, she goes on a road trip!

Join Jean as she travels across the country in her little blue Beetle with King Louie, snooty cat extraordinaire, while she spreads the Gospel and shares Jesus' love. Adventures and blessings await!

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1 Former Things.jpg

In Book 1 of the Road Trip Revival Series, Former Things, Jean finds herself just a bit lost after the death of her husband.


Suddenly alone--and lonely--she doesn't quite know where her place in the world is. But when she hears a pastor talk about a revival, something changes.

Now she's on a mission from God.

3 Rocky Paths.jpg

Book 3 of the Road Trip Revival Series, Rocky Paths, follows Jean as she continues to make her way across the country.

Even though Louie the cat seems to be in love with anyone and everyone who isn’t Jean, he still insists on traveling with the human. Jean wonders if the cat wasn’t sent by the Lord to test her patience, but she can’t deny that Louie was able to open doors that might otherwise remain shut.

2 Skipping Stones.jpg

Book 2 of the Road Trip Revival Series, Skipping Stones, follows Jean as she makes her way across the country.


Nothing is going according to plan, but then that's usually how it goes--make a plan and discover God's sense of humor.


He's been laughing at Jean a lot so far.

4 Pebbled Roads.jpg

The Lord definitely works in mysterious ways. Jean's about to find out exactly how mysterious those ways can be. She thought witnessing to a biker gang was out of her comfort zone, but that's nothing compared to what the Lord had planned next!

Join Jean and Louie on their next crazy adventure as they venture into the backwoods of West Virginia and into moonshine country!

5 Roads Untraveled.jpg

In Book 5, Roads Untraveled, Jean and Beverly decide to accept the Lord's challenge to evangelize Chicago! The mission is frightening. And exciting. Jean and Beverly, along with King Louie, Feline Extraordinaire, have their work cut out for them as they head towards one of the country's largest cities, seeking lost souls to share the Lord's love with. Louie proves to be a big help in breaking the ice and setting hearts on fire!

7 Breaking Dams.jpg

In Book 7, Breaking Dams, Jean joins Rebecca on a mission trip to the heart of Detroit. But Satan doesn't want the city saved and works hard to stop them! Will the enemy win, or will the ladies be able to open the floodgates and pour out God's love on the brokenhearted?

Read now to find out!

6 Lost Trails.jpg

In Book 6, Lost Trails, Jean and Beverly head to New York City to help troubled youth. But first they have to take on a street gang!

It's a scary time, but Jean and Beverly have confidence that the Lord will get them through it--especially when Louie gets involved, proving that the Lord can use even a nap-loving feline for His glory!

8 Rising Tides.jpg

In Book 8, Rising Tides, Jean and Chester find out the Lord has all kinds of adventures in store for them--along with blessings and trials.

Back to Atlanta to help Beverly, then off to Tennessee, Mississippi and then Missouri, the Lord proves His faithfulness over and over... even in the worst of situations!

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