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Middle Grade
Christian fiction

ez taylor,
demon slayer

What happens when a bullied boy finds out he's so much more than he thought? World-changing adventure!

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Realms Unknown
Book 1

As a special needs boy living in foster care, Ezekiel Taylor struggles with fear and insecurity.

But when EZ meets a mysterious man named Friar, he learns that not only does he have special needs, he also has a special gift… the ability to slay demons.

Despite his fears, EZ must embark on a journey to a hidden realm where he'll have to confront and defeat powerful demons in order to save the world from darkness. Along the way, he discovers strength and courage he never knew he had and learns the true meaning of bravery…

Facing your fears no matter what.

Into The Fade
Book 2

Demon slayers should be tough. After all, they're fighting the worst creatures on earth. So why God Himself would have picked an undersized, scared of everything, special needs kid like him is a question EZ keeps asking himself.

When EZ ran away from his abusive foster home and was taken in by a very nice friar, he thought everything was going to be okay. He was finally getting enough to eat and had a big, comfy bed to sleep in. The friar was super nice, too, even though he said some really weird things... EZ was a demon slayer.

Outer Darkness
Book 3

When EZ and his new friends go after the "Big Boss" of the demon world, it's clear they're in over their heads... and they're about to drown!

Demon slaying wasn't what EZ thought it was going to be. At least, not in the physical realm where humans got in the way of the sword of the Spirit he needed to swing.

Joined by Allison and Snitch, who were just released from their own demons, EZ goes after his foster mother. But the demon possessing her won't come out without a fight.

And it's a war EZ isn't prepared for.

All That Glitters
Book 4

Things are starting to look better for EZ. He's not only managed to survive a face-to-face meeting with an actual demon prince, but he was even able to pull that demon right out of his foster mother. Of course, that exorcism only lasted a few minutes before seven new demons moved into Mrs. Easton. It seems the demons won that battle.

But now EZ has a very real problem that has nothing to do with demon slaying... mostly because he's weaponless. And in the demon realm without his friends or angel helpers. Surrounded by demons. But, worst of all, he's facing the demon prince himself.

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