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Apocalyptic christian fiction

saints of salvation

Dystopian, post apocalyptic Christian fiction... lose yourself in a story of survival against all odds, thanks to a God Who loves His children more than they'll ever know.

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Due to Kindle Unlimited (ebook) exclusivity contract with Amazon, books are available here in paperback only

Book 1

Nathan just wants to survive long enough to get his wife to safety. In a world reshaped by chaos and evil, it seems to be an impossible task.

Coming to grips with his own mortality was difficult enough, but coupled with a complete economic crash that sends the world spiraling into an abyss of doubt and fear, Nathan Diamond has no idea what to do next.

His best hope is to get his wife out of the city... and fast.

As Nathan struggles with his body's deterioration while on the run, he can't help but question the existence of the God his wife so desperately seeks. Tammy prays often--and loudly--whenever they're faced with a crisis. And when her prayers are miraculously answered one after another, Nathan finds his beliefs being reshaped.

But is it too late for a dying sinner to find salvation?

Book 2

The world as we knew it has ended.

No surprise there; the Scriptures warned us about this for thousands of years.

And yet... we were shocked.



Now we're on the run. It's not easy. We have to hide from the others, those with evil on their minds. Sometimes we have to fight against them. Do what it takes to make it through.

Our only hope is to find other people like us. Those who know what's going to happen. Believers. Together, we might stand a chance.

We just have to survive until then.

Book 3

They thought they just had to hide. To survive. To live.

They had no idea they were going to have to fight.

When the Lord sends His messengers to prepare you to battle the enemy, you have a tendency to listen. But when those messengers tell you to storm Hell's gates...

...things get a little scary.

But there are innocents at risk. Those who refuse to give in to the enemy, who refuse to take the mark of the beast. They shouldn't have to suffer just for being obedient to God Himself. And now, the little band of misfit Christians valiantly fighting against impossible odds is their only hope of escape.

Thankfully, God works in the impossible.

Book 4

The group of followers were told by God's very own angels that they were to go to Israel. But when the enemy throws everything he can at them to stop them, doubt creeps in.

What if they misunderstood?

Should they just hide and wait out the Tribulation?

Was it possible that the angels were working for the enemy, trying to distract them or mislead them?

When GOD remains silent to their pleas and questions, the little band of survivors begin to turn on themselves, to turn on their leaders. Fear threatens to override common sense.

Will they be able to keep them from tearing each other apart... especially when they have Satan himself to battle?

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