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Christian Romance
Sweet, Clean and Inspiring

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Story In A
Song Series

Western romance at its best--straight from a country song!

You've heard the song. You've danced to it, and know all the words. You sing along whenever you hear it. But did you know the rest of the story?

Bundle and SAVE!

All THREE books in one easy-to-read file!

$11.97   $5.99!
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Connor is a man without hope. His world is crashing down around him and while he has been praying for a miracle, it seems that his prayers are hitting the ceiling.

Just when he thinks he's at the end of his rope, a little filly gallops in and lassos his heart.

To put it mildly, Evelyn is lonely. Married to a man who considers her little more than an employee, she feels duty-bound to complete the task she's been given. But her heart isn't in the job--instead, she longs for adventure.

For just one night, she wants to pretend she's simply a "good ol' boy's girl."


When Connor rides into Evelyn's adventure, it's all she can do to keep herself from falling for his country boy charm. She is a married woman, after all.

And her husband is a very dangerous man.


Can Evelyn fight her feelings for Connor? When Connor prayed for a miracle, is it possible that Evelyn is the answer to that prayer?


The Story in the Song series is Christian-based clean romance novella.

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Georgia's friends call her the perfect Proverbs 31 wife. Enjoying her empty nest, she spends her time working with her church's ministries and doting on her husband, Charles. Georgia's life is blessed and her marriage is sound.

Until Charles leaves her for a younger woman. His goodbye note claimed Georgia had "let herself go."

Ky struggles to understand how God could have taken his wife, leaving him with a daughter who grows more distant every day. He questions everything he ever knew about his faith... and himself.

A fateful singles cruise brings Georgia and Ky together, if only as friends. But as they move on with their lives, both find they can't stop thinking of the other. Ky feels like he's betraying his wife's memory, while Georgia worries over her attraction to a man whose faith seems so lacking. The last thing she wants is another unequally yoked relationship.

While Georgia moves on with her life, truly "letting herself go," her heart still longs for the sad cowboy with shadows in his eyes. When she meets a charming castle owner in Ireland who offers her a life she'd only imagined, Georgia wonders if she'll finally be able to let go of Ky as well.

As Ky struggles with the guilt of falling for the beautiful, kind lady, he tries to move on. To let Georgia go. But it proves an impossible task. The woman managed to crawl right into his heart.

But will Ky be able to let his heart mend before Georgia lets go of him completely?

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A woman with a dream of fame and fortune. A man who wants to settle down. When pride tears them apart, can love bring them back together?

When rancher Boone Carson loaded up and headed to Austin to rustle up some horses for his new trail ride venture, he had no idea he’d find himself falling for a wild little filly with dark brown eyes and a head full of dreams. She’s his opposite in every way and he knows a relationship with the woman is only going to end in heartache…


Jenn Olguin is going to be a famous singer. Nothing else matters. It’s all she’s ever wanted to do and she’s worked hard to save enough money to move to Austin, hoping to break into the country music scene. Nothing is going to stop her.

Except maybe losing her heart.

Marrying on a whim, Boone takes Jenn back to his ranch in Colorado where he hopes to build a good life for them by turning his failing cattle operation into a dude ranch where city folk can learn all about the country life. The couple settles into married life, but when tragedy strikes, Jenn's shattered heart leads her back to the dream she'd left behind in Austin.

Seems this wild filly just can’t be broke.

When big city life can’t seem to outshine the beauty of the Rockies, Jenn longs to return to the cowboy she'd left with a trampled heart. But after so long, will there be any pieces left to put back together?

This book is a clean contemporary romance with Christian themes and biblical teaching. Perfect for all ages.

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