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Reign of the Lion

Post apocalyptic, dystopian Christian fiction set in the millennial period.


1,000 years have passed…

…and Satan is about to be loosed on the world.

Releasing #1 Ebook_edited.png

1,000 years have passed… and Satan is about to be loosed on the world.

Allie has spent nearly a millennium training the Remnant Warriors for the moment their old enemy is released once again. 

Despite all that time, the warriors have gotten complacent. But there’s another problem—Allie has doubts. A lot of them. And she knows Satan won't have any at all.

She needs help.

Bringing along her typical snarkiness, she entertains the Heavenly Father with her visits. But He isn’t laughing when He tells her what the next plan is.

And Allie is sure it’s going to make everything worse.

Gathering #3 Ebook_edited_edited.png

She was supposed to be God’s chosen warrior…

… not Lucifer’s favorite toy.

Never in a millennium would Allie have guessed that she’d be part of Lucifer’s evil plans. But after being captured by the gorgeous Prince of All Things Slimy, she’s not only a part of it--she’s the biggest weapon in the jerk’s arsenal.

For whatever reason, her fellow Remnants and angel buddies haven’t rescued her. Maybe they couldn’t. Maybe Abba told them they shouldn’t. And after witnessing her fall to the dark side, maybe they decided they wouldn’t. Seems like her rescue is going to be on her this time.

Lucifer assumes she’s completely under his control. Powerless. Helpless. That is his biggest mistake yet.

Allie is going to escape...

...she just isn’t sure she’s going to survive.

Tempting #2 Ebook_edited.png

Sometimes the afterlife sucks.

Allie certainly has her hands full with an unruly team of Remnants...

A man who keeps her teeth grinding and hormones raging.

A pet bobcat who can’t keep her nose out of Allie’s business.

And angel warriors who insist on doing things their own way.

Allie isn’t really sure she and the other Remnants are ready to take the prince of darkness on while he roams about tempting the world to follow him…

…but they don’t have a choice.

He’s coming. The Releasing has happened. The suck is about to get a whole lot suckier.

Consuming #4 Ebook_edited.png

When Abba says "Go," you go. Allie just wished the destination wasn't back to Lucifer.

While she sure isn't thrilled with her new assignment, at least this time Allie won't be a captive…

…she'll be an example. Maybe a dead one.

To make matters worse, Abba wants Allie to take Alejandro, Chief Witness to Those Born During the Millennium, along for the ride. Babysitting the Chief is not an easy task; once he starts witnessing, he's impulsive; and that's dangerous.

Allie will do her best to follow Abba's wishes, but she knows it's not going to be easy. Sneaking around inside Lucifer's camp isn’t exactly a dream vay-cay. At best, they'll be able to win the army to Abba's side, to salvation. At worst?

Allie's head will become Lucifer's new war helmet.


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