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If Murder, She Wrote and The Golden Girls had mashed together, what would you get? MEET MADDIE AND MAGGIE!

Christian author VJ Dunn brings you two well-seasoned ladies who couldn’t be any different if they’d come from opposing planets. The stories are full of fun, friendship, faith and just a smidge of fear!

When Wally Wonka—my best fur friend—found a body in the woods near our church, I thought it was a case of a tourist who’d partied too hard. After all, that happened a lot in our sleepy little town during tourist season, though they usually don’t end up dead under a tree.

Or dead at all.

But when it became clear the woman had been murdered and it's obvious Jonathan Donovan, our local police detective, is utterly incompetent (I speak from authority, since I used to babysit the brat), Maggie and I decide to take matters in hand and do a little investigating of our own. After all, we’ve watched a lot of detective shows.

How hard could crime solving be?

Our confidence is shattered, though, when another woman turns up dead. The police don't think the deaths are related, but they never noticed what I had... both women had a strange mark on the bottom of their foot.

Is it possible our sweet little seaside town might have welcomed a serial killer into its midst? The thought is terrifying, to say the least. But what was worse…

It looked like Maggie was next in line.

Join Maggie and Maddie as they stumble their way through their first investigation in Haughty Eyes & Alibis! Missteps, misdirection and misleading abound, but with Maddie’s muleheaded stubbornness—and Maggie’s southern charm—will the ladies find their investigative mojo and stop the killer?

Haughty Eyes & Alibis Paperback

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