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The world as we knew it has ended.

No surprise there; the Scriptures warned us about this for thousands of years.


And yet... we were shocked.




Now we're on the run. It's not easy. We have to hide from the others, those with evil on their minds. Sometimes we have to fight against them. Do what it takes to make it through.


Our only hope is to find other people like us. Those who know what's going to happen. Believers. Together, we might stand a chance.


We just have to survive until then.


The Saints of Salvation is a Christian apocalyptic series about a group of people trying to survive the impossible, led by a man racked with doubt, while learning to trust a God who seems to be destroying the world. Their faith will be shaken, their worst fears will come to pass... but at the end, there's the hope of the brightest of tomorrows. Due to content, this series is not recommended for children under 13.

Hiding #2

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