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Sometimes life takes a turn we weren't expecting...

...and the detour leads somewhere we never could have imagined.

Shocked to learn she's pregnant, Misty is worried her parents are going to disown her. At the very least, they're going to be embarrassed of their prodigal daughter.

But they're not. And they step in to help out when Misty can't be there for little Tommy. Life seems to be going pretty well.

Until the fateful day when Misty's entire world is turned upside down.

Tragedy makes her question everything she's ever known about God. She's bitter, angry, and inconsolable.

Life suddenly doesn't seem worth living.

Can a surprise visitor make Misty see that her tangled, knotted life is truly a beautiful tapestry on the other side?

The Tapestry Series
True-to-life Christian stories that just might help answer life's questions.

Mama's Heart Ebook

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