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What do you do when you lose the one thing that meant the most? In Jean's case, she goes on a road trip!

Join Jean as she travels across the country, spreading the Gospel and sharing Jesus' love.

In Book 5, Roads Untraveled, Jean and Beverly decide to accept the Lord's challenge to evangelize Chicago!

The mission is frightening. And exciting. Jean and Beverly, along with King Louie, Feline Extraordinaire, have their work cut out for them as they head towards one of the country's largest cities, seeking lost souls to share the Lord's love with. Louie proves to be a big help in breaking the ice and setting hearts on fire!

When the mission takes a turn to the north and to a cult compound, the women find out just what it means to trust the Lord completely when a tornado turns their world upside down...

...and Louie will find out if a VW Beetle can fly.

If you like stories about slightly sarcastic "well-seasoned" ladies, then Road Trip Revival series is for you! Biblically truthful and Christian-based, the series is safe for the entire family.

Roads Untraveled #5 Paperback

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