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All books are clean, free of cursing and sex! Most are safe for all ages, although the Apocalyptic Series are intended for 13+.



A RESTLESS SOUL SERIES... apocalyptic novellas

When the Tribulation starts and your congregation feels like they've been betrayed by your teaching, what's a disillusioned pastor to do?

Wander the earth, trying to make sense of a world turned inside out.

Soul Provider 6 EB_edited_edited.jpg

Nathan just wants to survive long enough to get his wife to safety. In a world reshaped by chaos and evil, it seems to be an impossible task.

Coming to grips with his own mortality was difficult enough, but coupled with a complete economic crash that sends the world spiraling into an abyss of doubt and fear, Nathan Diamond has no idea what to do next.

His best hope is to get his wife out of the city... and fast.


(Please note: this series is in a digital exclusivity contract with Amazon. Please visit their store  to order ebooks.)

When the end began, no one even noticed... it crept up, like a thief in the night.

With the world sliding into chaos and panic, the Neo Geo Task Force steps in. They're the new government; the new world order. They're supposed to be the law of the land, the peacekeepers. If you toe the line they've drawn and obey the laws they created, you might survive. But if you don't...


When you lose everything you have... you might just gain the world.


Jean finds herself just a bit lost after the death of her husband. Suddenly alone--and lonely--she doesn't quite know where her place in the world is. But when she hears a pastor talk about a revival, something changes.

Now she's on a mission from God.

Friends say she's crazy. Her daughter is worried and her sister thinks she needs to be on medications. But Jean knows better. And yeah, she is crazy--crazy for Jesus!

And she wants to tell everyone about Him.


The Tapestry Series... true-to-life stories of people who find themselves in the darkest of valleys, only to discover they just have to look up to find The Light.

1,000 years have passed and Satan is about to be let loose... but Allie isn't ready for the fight of an afterlife-time. 

For nearly the entire millennium, Allie has been trying to train the Remnant Warriors for the Releasing... the moment when Satan will be released from his bonds, set free to wreak havoc once again.

But nothing is going according to plan...


As a special needs boy living in foster care, Ezekiel Taylor has always struggled with fear and insecurity.

But when EZ meets a mysterious man named Friar, he learns that not only does he have special needs, he also has a special gift…

The ability to slay demons!

EZ Into EB.png
EZ Outer EB.png

If The Odd Couple and The Golden Girls had roomed together,

what would you get? MADDIE AND MAGGIE!

Join these two senior ladies as they stumble their way through criminal investigations in the Church Lady Mysteries. Missteps, misdirection and misleading abound, but with Maddie’s muleheaded stubbornness—and Maggie’s southern charm—will the ladies find their investigative mojo and solve the crime?


Western romance at its best--straight from a country song!

You've heard the song. You've danced to it, and know all the words. You sing along whenever you hear it. But did you know the rest of the story?


Fun Man Humor!


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