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The enemy is our brother. Our sister. Our parents. Our friends.

They thought they just had to hide. To survive. To live.

They had no idea they were going to have to fight.

When the Lord sends His messengers to prepare you to battle the enemy, you have a tendency to listen. But when those messengers tell you to storm Hell's gates...

...things get a little scary.

But there are innocents at risk. Those who refuse to give in to the enemy, who refuse to take the mark of the beast. They shouldn't have to suffer just for being obedient to God Himself. And now, the little band of misfit Christians valiantly fighting against impossible odds is their only hope of escape.

Thankfully, God works in the impossible.

The Saints of Salvation is a Christian apocalyptic series about a group of people trying to survive the impossible, led by a man racked with doubt, while learning to trust a God who seems to be destroying the world. Their faith will be shaken, their worst fears will come to pass... but at the end, there's the hope of the brightest of tomorrows. Due to content, this series is not recommended for children under 13.

3 Warring

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