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Scripture said some would survive the Tribulation. Dalton doubted he'd be one of them.

A Mexican prison was never a place anyone wanted to find themselves. Especially when that prison was controlled by the worst humanity had to offer...

The Peacekeepers.

Even to the non-believer it was obvious the Peacekeepers were evil incarnate. Maybe even actual demons. They sure act like minions of the devil.

And despite the horrors of the outside world that was burning itself into ash, the last place you wanted to be was under their authority.

With no way to escape, Dalton fights to survive... if only to protect Shy, the young teen thrown in the bowels of hell with him. But Shy has a strength of her own, which she uses to encourage Dalton. And despite his misgivings, he knows he’s going to have to be like Shy and rely on God Himself if there’s a chance they’ll survive.

Even if he manages to survive the horrors of the prison, the Red Death continues to threaten Dalton's life. The Peacekeepers have a cure, though, and they taunt him with it. They’ll give it to him with no strings attached, they say. They even promise to release him from the prison.

But Dalton knows that the things that sound too good to be true often are, and the Peacekeeper’s offer is no different. Because if he wants the cure they offer to save his life, he’ll have to take the mark of the beast. The mark of Satan himself.

And that means losing his eternal life.

Will Dalton take the mark to save himself from certain death? Or will he and Shy die at the hands of the Peacekeepers? Order now to find out!

Great for fans of Jamie Lee Grey, Mark Goodwin and Kyla Stone, A Restless Soul series are short stories of biblically truthful and Christian-based fiction. This is a stand-alone series, meaning each book can be read out of order, much like a television series. Due to content, not recommended for children under 13.

4 Soul Survivor Audiobook

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