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They were told to go to Israel...

But the hardships that entailed were beyond comprehension.

The group of followers were told by God's very own angels that they were to go to Israel. But when the enemy throws everything he can at them to stop them, doubt creeps in.

What if they misunderstood?

Should they just hide and wait out the Tribulation?

Was it possible that the angels were working for the enemy, trying to distract them or mislead them?

When GOD remains silent to their pleas and questions, the little band of survivors begin to turn on themselves, to turn on their leaders. Fear threatens to override common sense.

Will they be able to keep them from tearing each other apart... especially when they have Satan himself to battle?

The Saints of Salvation is a Christian apocalyptic series about a group of people trying to survive the impossible, led by a man racked with doubt, while learning to trust a God who seems to be destroying the world. Their faith will be shaken, their worst fears will come to pass... but at the end, there's the hope of the brightest of tomorrows. Due to content, this series is not recommended for children under 13.

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