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From the hopelessness of an enemy prison to the terror of a pirate attack... Dalton knows the Lord's hand is with them, but he still wonders what in the world He's up to.

When one miracle after another happens, leading to Dalton's escape from the Peacekeeper prison and reuniting with the other survivors, he can't help but sing God's praises. Once again, God has provided and the group of believers just know getting to the paradise island is going to be smooth sailing...

...until pirates attack.

The believers are unarmed and outnumbered with no hope for escape from the band of Roamer thugs who cruise the ocean, preying on the innocent who are just trying to survive. Trusting God has gotten a whole lot harder.

Despite the renewal of his faith and trust in the Lord, Dalton wonders why He would allow such a thing to happen. But when confronted with a dying child whose own faith is big enough to move mountains, Dalton knows what his mission is: Witness to the boy's mother.

Even if she is the bloodthirsty pirate's captain.

That is a difficult enough task, but when Dalton is confronted with another prisoner he recognizes, he learns a secret... one that threatens to crumble his own small hill of faith into a pile of dust.

Will Dalton be able to keep his secret? Or will he succumb to the desire to destroy the evil Roamers... even if it means his own death?

Great for fans of Jamie Lee Grey, Mark Goodwin and Kyla Stone, A Restless Soul series are short stories of biblically truthful and Christian-based fiction. This is a stand-alone series, meaning each book can be read out of order, much like a television series. Due to content, not recommended for children under 13.

6 Soul Provider Audiobook

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