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What happens when The Book of Eli and Mad Max come together? World-ending chaos.


Restless Soul is a Christian apocalyptic stand alone series of shorter stories.

When the Tribulation starts and your congregation feels like they've been betrayed by your teaching, what's a disillusioned pastor to do?

Wander the earth, trying to make sense of a world turned inside out.

Dalton James is not only disillusioned; he's disheartened. Disenchanted with humanity... and with God. As he moves from place to place, trying to find somewhere to fit in, to belong, he discovers something else about himself:

He's also terrified.

It seems the entire world is ruled by evil. Dalton always thought that the bad seemed to outweigh the good, but now... now it really does. The "good" are so few and far between, the former pastor nearly loses all hope in finding others who aren't trying to steal, kill and destroy. Truthfully, he's ready to crawl in a hole and wait out the Tribulation...

But God.

A Restless Soul series is biblically truthful and Christian-based fiction. This is a stand-alone series, meaning each book can be read out of order, much like a television series. Due to content, not recommended for children under 13.

A Restless Soul Books 1-3 Paperback

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