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A woman with a dream of fame and fortune. A man who wants to settle down. When pride tears them apart, can love bring them back together?

When rancher Boone Carson loaded up and headed to Austin to rustle up some horses for his new trail ride venture, he had no idea he’d find himself falling for a wild little filly with dark brown eyes and a head full of dreams. She’s his opposite in every way and he knows a relationship with the woman is only going to end in heartache…


Jenn Olguin is going to be a famous singer. Nothing else matters. It’s all she’s ever wanted to do and she’s worked hard to save enough money to move to Austin, hoping to break into the country music scene. Nothing is going to stop her.

Except maybe losing her heart.

Marrying on a whim, Boone takes Jenn back to his ranch in Colorado where he hopes to build a good life for them by turning his failing cattle operation into a dude ranch where city folk can learn all about the country life. The couple settles into married life, but when tragedy strikes, Jenn's shattered heart leads her back to the dream she'd left behind in Austin.

Seems this wild filly just can’t be broke.

When big city life can’t seem to outshine the beauty of the Rockies, Jenn longs to return to the cowboy she'd left with a trampled heart. But after so long, will there be any pieces left to put back together?

While this book deals with tough subjects, it is a clean contemporary romance with Christian themes and biblical teaching. Perfect for all ages.

Austin Ebook

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