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Stories that will break your funny bone and keep you in stitches...and you won't have to go to the ER!

Humor/satire about the dumb things that guys will sometimes know, those decisions that usually start with a trip to the liquor store and end with a trip to the ER. Or to the police station. And almost always to the doghouse. These are "The fish was THIS BIG" stories that are sorta-kinda mostly true.

You know those videos where men do things like balance a ladder on a stair railing, use a handcart in place of a spare tire, or light firecrackers and launch them at each others' crotches? Well, this is a compilation of stories such as those where some man somewhere has a moment of sheer stupidity and asks his friends to hold his beer while he tries to kill himself.

If you like those "chill 'round the fire pit, guzzlin' six packs and spittin' tobacco at the flames" kind of stories, you'll love this book!

Here, Hold My Beer Ebook

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