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Demon slayers should be tough. After all, they're fighting the worst creatures on earth. So why God Himself would have picked an undersized, scared of everything, special needs kid like him is a question EZ keeps asking himself.

When EZ ran away from his abusive foster home and was taken in by a very nice friar, he thought everything was going to be okay. He was finally getting enough to eat and had a big, comfy bed to sleep in. The friar was super nice, too, even though he said some really weird things... EZ was a demon slayer.

Even though it turned out the friar was actually an angel and he and his angel friends had been sent to help EZ overcome the obstacles he struggled with all his 13 years, EZ still finds it hard to believe that someone like him could have been chosen to fight such terrifying creatures. Especially when his first assignment is to head right into a demon den...

Also known as his former foster home.

Join EZ as he forces himself to stand up to the bullies at the foster home, seeing them with newly opened spiritual eyes. He now knows he's not up against kids who are just plain mean... he's fighting actual demons calling the shots! Will EZ be able to overcome the demon horde who recognize him for what he truly is? Or will he discover that he was right about himself, that he's just not strong enough for the job?

EZ Taylor, Demon Slayer is a thrilling and inspiring series of tales about one boy's journey to discover his true identity and purpose in life. Biblically based Christian action for young fans of L.B. Anne and Andrew Peterson, this will be your next favorite read.

Into The Fade #2 Paperback

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