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Fighting demons is tough work! Especially when you're battling in the physical realm where humans can easily become casualties...

Trying to rescue an angel from demons seemed like a hard enough job, but when those demons are actually supposed to be your foster parents, it's... complicated.

EZ is thankful to have the help of his friends, even though one his helpers is actually a giant wolf-like creature from another realm. But since Finn is now stuck in the human realm, he is determined to help EZ and Marcus battle their demonic parents and rescue Zach before the angel... well, not dies, because Zach is immortal after all.

But immortality doesn't mean the angel can't be hurt... and Zach is seriously bad off.

In a race to get the angel back to the right realm, EZ and his friends will have to fight off fearsome creatures while making sure they avoid Samael, the demon prince (Satan's own son!) who really, REALLY hates EZ!

Will EZ and company be able to win the battle to save Zach? Will they be able to travel through The Fade and avoid Samael? Get your copy today of the most exciting story yet in the EZ Taylor, Demon Slayer series!

EZ Taylor, Demon Slayer is a thrilling and inspiring series of tales about one boy's journey to discover his true identity and purpose in life. Biblically based Christian action for young fans of L.B. Anne and Andrew Peterson, this will be your next favorite read.

Ripping Realms #5 Paperback

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