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What happens when a new widow and a mangy cat with royal delusions head out across the country to share Jesus? Life-changing adventures!

When Jean finds herself just a bit lost after the death of her husband, she realizes she doesn't quite know where her place in the world is. But when she hears a pastor talk about a revival, something changes.


Now she's on a mission from God.


Friends say she's crazy. Her daughter is worried and her sister thinks she needs to be on medications. But Jean knows better. And yeah, she is crazy--crazy for Jesus!


And she wants to tell everyone about Him.


Determined to be that pebble in the pond starting a revival tidal wave that will engulf the globe, Jean and Louie set out in a little blue VW Beetle, ready to make the big splash and flood the world with God's love.


But will the enemy first drown her in self-doubt and fear? Get the series today and find out!


Books 1-4 follow Jean and Louie as they make their way from California to West Virginia, encountering one crazy adventure after another. You know the Lord's hand is in it when you're witnessing to everyone from biker gangs to moonshiners!


If you like stories about slightly sarcastic "well-seasoned" ladies, then Road Trip Revival series is for you! Biblically truthful and Christian-based, the series is safe for the entire family.

Road Trip Revival Box Set Books 1-4

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