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Book 3 of the Road Trip Revival Series, Rocky Paths, follows Jean as she continues to make her way across the country. 


Even though Louie the cat seems to be in love with anyone and everyone who isn’t Jean, he still insists on traveling with the human. Jean wonders if the cat wasn’t sent by the Lord to test her patience, but she can’t deny that Louie was able to open doors that might otherwise remain shut.


That certainly holds true when Jean encounters a young child who stares at the world through distrustful eyes and cowers at the slightest wrong word. Louie makes himself right at home in the heart of the little boy, though, and soon the child is firmly planted in Jean’s heart as well.


The Lord continues to prove that He moves in very mysterious ways indeed, and Jean finds herself shocked at some of those ways. Following Jesus is certainly an adventure!


If you like stories about slightly sarcastic "well-seasoned" ladies, then Road Trip Revival series is for you! Biblically truthful and Christian-based, the series is safe for the entire family.

Rocky Paths #3 Ebook

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