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You've heard the song... but do you know the story?

Georgia's friends call her the perfect Proverbs 31 wife. Enjoying her empty nest, she spends her time working with her church's ministries and doting on her husband, Charles. Georgia's life is blessed and her marriage is sound.

Until Charles leaves her for a younger woman. His goodbye note claimed Georgia had "let herself go."

Ky struggles to understand how God could have taken his wife, leaving him with a daughter who grows more distant every day. He questions everything he ever knew about his faith... and himself.

A fateful singles cruise brings Georgia and Ky together, if only as friends. But as they move on with their lives, both find they can't stop thinking of the other. Ky feels like he's betraying his wife's memory, while Georgia worries over her attraction to a man whose faith seems so lacking. The last thing she wants is another unequally yoked relationship.

While Georgia moves on with her life, truly "letting herself go," her heart still longs for the sad cowboy with shadows in his eyes. When she meets a charming castle owner in Ireland who offers her a life she'd only imagined, Georgia wonders if she'll finally be able to let go of Ky as well.

As Ky struggles with the guilt of falling for the beautiful, kind lady, he tries to move on. To let Georgia go. But it proves an impossible task. The woman managed to crawl right into his heart.

But will Ky be able to let his heart mend before Georgia lets go of him completely? Get it now to find out!

The Story in the Song series is Christian-based clean romance.

She Let Herself Go Ebook

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