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Faith as small as a tiny pebble in the pond has the power to cause a tsunami...


Book 2 of the Road Trip Revival Series, Skipping Stones, follows Jean as she makes her way across the country. Nothing is going according to plan, but then that's usually how it goes--make a plan and discover God's sense of humor.


He's been laughing at Jean a lot so far.


Louie the cat still thinks Jean is a bit off her rocker, but he keeps his thoughts to himself as he proves to be more than just a companion. As the pair makes its way into snowy terrain and a more frigid reception, Louie becomes an icebreaker! Jean is grateful for her feline friend, though King Louie can be a royal pain at times, especially when he runs away.


But little does Jean know, God can use even an arrogant cat for His good and glory.


If you like stories about slightly sarcastic "well-seasoned" ladies, then Road Trip Revival series is for you! Biblically truthful and Christian-based, the series is safe for the entire family.

Skipping Stones #2 Ebook

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