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With God's very own rainbow leading the way, how could they have gotten so lost?

Former pastor Dalton James secretly wishes he'd meet his end and be done with it all. Surviving the Tribulation has taken everything out of him.

He's exhausted from the months spent at sea and worn out from the constant island-hopping in the hopes of finding food, fuel and supplies. Having a brand-new baby isn't helping matters either, since sleep has become a long-lost fantasy.

But mostly, he's sick and tired of listening to all the complaining.

While Dalton's ready to hop off the ship and swim to the nearest island, he feels a deep sense of responsibility to the others. And he knows the Lord wouldn't want him shirking his duties, even if He Himself might be tired of all the griping too.

Trust Me... He continually compels them. And the Lord proves Himself faithful over and over when all their needs are met. And yet, they still complain.

Just when Dalton is ready to take his chances with the sharks, the group discovers something really worth complaining about...

They're being followed by the Peacekeepers.

Will Dalton and the others be able to lose the Peacekeepers before the enemy discovers the paradise island they both seek? Or will this be the end of the Tribulation for them? Reserve your copy today!

Great for fans of Jamie Lee Grey, Mark Goodwin and Kyla Stone, A Restless Soul series are short stories of biblically truthful and Christian-based fiction. This is a stand-alone series, meaning each book can be read out of order, much like a television series. Due to content, not recommended for children under 13.

8 Soul Deliverer Ebook

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