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Surviving the pirates was hard enough; but trying to find a small island among thousands while avoiding the Peacekeepers? Impossible.

Despite the burning, smoky earth, the lack of food, and now nauseating, bloody waters they sail on, Dalton and the growing small group of believers find countless reasons to praise the Lord. After all, He keeps providing the miracles that keep them going.

Locating the supposed "paradise island" where food is plentiful and the air is fresh proves to be about as easy a task as finding the proverbial haystack needle. But Dalton and the other believers know that simply surviving the Tribulation is also impossible... yet, they're still alive and bringing more and more new converts with them every day.

It seems the Lord is still at work, even while He's destroying His creation.

The believers know they still have a few years left to survive and finding the island is their only hope for living out the earth's remaining time in any kind of peace and comfort. And it's going to take every bit of courage, perseverance, and faith they can find...

Especially when they realize Satan himself is trying to stop them.

Will Dalton and the group find the island? Or will the the Peacekeepers find them first?

Great for fans of Jamie Lee Grey, Mark Goodwin and Kyla Stone, A Restless Soul series are short stories of biblically truthful and Christian-based fiction. This is a stand-alone series, meaning each book can be read out of order, much like a television series. Due to content, not recommended for children under 13.

7 Soul Search Ebook

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