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When Abba says "Go," you go. Allie just wished the destination wasn't back to Lucifer.

While she sure isn't thrilled with her new assignment, at least this time Allie won't be a captive…

…she'll be an example. Maybe a dead one.

To make matters worse, Abba wants Allie to take Alejandro, Chief Witness to Those Born During the Millennium, along for the ride. Babysitting the Chief is not an easy task; once he starts witnessing, he's impulsive; and that's dangerous.

Allie will do her best to follow Abba's wishes, but she knows it's not going to be easy. Sneaking around inside Lucifer's camp isn’t exactly a dream vay-cay. At best, they'll be able to win the army to Abba's side, to salvation. At worst?

Allie's head will become Lucifer's new war helmet.

If you are a Christian who enjoys Fantasy you'll adore this tale of good vs. evil, because it has just the right amount of humor, epic battles, and a hint of romance to make you keep turning the pages. Get your copy today!

The Consuming Ebook

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