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When Abba says "Go," you go. Allie just wished the destination wasn't back to Lucifer.

While she sure isn't thrilled with her new assignment, at least this time Allie won't be a captive…

…she'll be an example. Maybe a dead one.

To make matters worse, Abba wants Allie to take Alejandro, Chief Witness to Those Born During the Millennium, along for the ride. Babysitting the Chief is not an easy task; once he starts witnessing, he's impulsive; and that's dangerous.

Allie will do her best to follow Abba's wishes, but she knows it's not going to be easy. Sneaking around inside Lucifer's camp isn’t exactly a dream vay-cay. At best, they'll be able to win the army to Abba's side, to salvation. At worst?

Allie's head will become Lucifer's new war helmet.

If you are a Christian who enjoys Fantasy you'll adore this tale of good vs. evil, because it has just the right amount of humor, epic battles, and a hint of romance to make you keep turning the pages. Get your copy today!

The Consuming #4

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  • THE UNIFORM was gorgeous, crafted from some mysterious silvery metal buffed to such a high sheen that it was difficult to look at in the sun, adorned with intricate golden designs representing the Trinity. Epaulets, bracers and poleyns, or knee guards, added a decorative touch, leading to very ornate armor.

    As she ran a polishing cloth over one of the leg harnesses, Allie thought that she kind of loved it. But at the same time, she wasn’t thrilled with the fact that it was a necessity that she wear it in the first place.

    Especially not where she needed to wear it.

    The invading army’s camp, where those who’d chosen to side with the enemy were counting the days until they could attack. They were marching to fight against the Creator of the universe for His holy city.

    They were hardhearted. Stubborn. Deceived.

    Morons, Allie snorted to herself.

    “I heard that, child.” The chiding voice came from behind her and Allie laughed.

    “Of course You did. You hear everything, even my less-than lovely thoughts,” she said as He came around to stand in front of her. She lifted her eyes and sucked in a breath; no matter how many countless times she’d been in Abba’s presence, He never failed to steal her air. He was quite literally breathtaking.

    “Some of those thoughts should be left in my brain, You know,” she smirked at Him.

    Abba’s glowing face crinkled. “You are absolutely correct about that,” He said as He cocked a scolding eyebrow at her. The look was ruined when He winked.

    Allie laughed as she felt her cheeks heat. She knew He was teasing her, but still… it was the truth. She’d never been good at corralling her thoughts.

    It was definitely a good thing that Abba was so forgiving.

    She set the piece she’d been working on aside and stood. Without invitation, she moved into Abba’s always open arms. She wrapped her arms around Him and breathed in His amazing scent — it was the aroma of clouds, of rain in the air on a clear, cool evening.

    No other smell could compare.

    He ran a soothing hand along her spine and back up again. Allie sighed in pleasure, feeling better than she ever remembered feeling in that moment. Being comforted by the Creator was incomparable.

    “Better?” He asked, His rich voice rumbling through her. The thunder to accompany the rain.

    She nodded against Him and took that as her cue to step away from the embrace, much as she hated to. But she had been given her assignment and Abba had said there wasn’t much time left before the army attacked, and she still needed to say goodbye to her family and friends.

    Abba wasn’t quite ready to release her, though. He held her by the shoulder with one of His hands and with the other, he tucked a wayward strand of hair behind her ear. He then slid His finger along her jaw.

    “This is a very difficult assignment you’ve been given, daughter,” He said and Allie didn’t miss the way He grimaced slightly. She wondered exactly what it was He wasn’t saying.

    “You and Alejandro will be in the midst of those who hate Me, and by association, will hate you because of Me. They cannot stand what we stand for. But you’re not there for them, remember that. You’re only there for those who have been deceived, who believe they are fighting for the side of good. Your mission is to tell them otherwise.”

    Allie nodded and Abba placed both hands on her shoulders. He gave her a very slight shake.

    “Don’t forget that you must get in and get out as rapidly as possible. We don’t want you being captured again.” He gave her a crooked smile at that, which she returned with a smirk.

    No, I definitely do NOT want that again.

    The last two times she’d been captured were horrible. The first time, she’d hung in The Pit, in the very same place Lucifer had hung in chains for the Millennial Period. The second time, she’d been Lucifer’s “honored guest,” aka, unwilling captive, who he’d used to deceive so many, saying the Remnant Mistress had chosen to side with him.

    Even though she’d been wined and dined while in Lucifer’s clutches, she much preferred The Pit to being used like that.

    Both sucked though.

    “Remember too that it won’t take long for Lucifer to discover that you’re among his army and he wants more than anything else to recapture you. You humiliated him… high five,” Abba grinned and held up His hand. Allie chuckled as she smacked it with hers.

    “He wants revenge. If he captures you again, my sweet girl, I don’t think he’ll be nearly as accommodating as he was last time.”

    Allie shivered. If being held in shackles, unable to escape, being guarded by leering, pervy demons was “accommodating,” then she really didn’t want to know what Lucifer would be like if he wasn’t playing the gracious host.

    “And don’t forget about the bounty that is still on your head,” He continued. “There will be many wanting to capture you for that reason alone.”

    Abba gave her another small shake and leaned forward, making sure she was focused on Him.

    “Just do not get caught.”



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