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Sometimes the afterlife sucks.

Allie certainly has her hands full with an unruly team of Remnants...

A man who keeps her teeth grinding and hormones raging.

A pet bobcat who can’t keep her nose out of Allie’s business.

And angel warriors who insist on doing things their own way.

Allie isn’t really sure she and the other Remnants are ready to take the prince of darkness on while he roams about tempting the world to follow him…

…but they don’t have a choice.

He’s coming. The Releasing has happened. The suck is about to get a whole lot suckier.

If you are a Christian who enjoys Fantasy you'll adore this tale of good vs. evil, because it has just the right amount of humor, epic battles, and a hint of romance to make you keep turning the pages. Get your copy today!

The Releasing Ebook

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