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1,000 years have passed…

…and Satan is about to be loosed on the world.

Allie has spent nearly a millennium training the Remnant Warriors for the moment their old enemy is released once again. It has not gone according to plan.

The warriors have gotten complacent. Allie understands why; it’s hard to keep focus for centuries on end.

And there’s another, more personal problem — Allie has doubts. A lot of them. And she knows Satan won't have any at all.

Allie needs help.

Bringing along her typical snarkiness, she entertains the Heavenly Father with her visits. But He isn’t laughing when He tells her what the next plan is. She doesn’t see it coming...

… and it’s going to make everything worse.

Christians who enjoy Fantasy will adore this tale of good vs. evil. It has just the right amount of humor, epic battles, and a hint of romance to make you keep turning the pages.

The Releasing #1

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  • TIME CAN drag when you’re sort of immortal. No wonder the Father exists outside of it.

    But not me. I’m fully aware of every single second that I’ve been here. Nine hundred ninety-nine years, six months and four days. That’s how long it’s been since we started what was called “the Millennium Period” back in the Old Age.

    The Old Age. Those were some seriously awful times. The days when man thought he ruled the earth, but in fact, Satan was in charge. Yeah, the Father was still there, but He let Lucifer run amok for the most part. The fallen angel definitely won the amok race. First place ribbon.

    I snort at my thoughts, cuz that’s what I do: I snort. It just goes so well with my sarcastic nature.

    Back before, when we were taught that we would get new bodies for the thousand-year reign of Christ, I thought that I’d get a new brain, too, a new personality. The old Allie was definitely a little too sarcastic and had a pretty immature sense of humor.

    But nope. I’m still me. Still a bit sarcastic, still laugh at stupid things, still poke fun at everyone. No one escapes my teasing; not even the Father Himself. But guess what? He thinks I’m funny.

    Honestly, though, He might be humoring me.

    He’s so cool. The Father, I mean. He’s so much… more than I thought He would be. I always had this vision of the proverbial white-haired dude with matching long beard, floating about on clouds and shooting lightning bolts, zapping people when they got too out of line. I guess that vision was more along the lines of Zeus, the false “little g” god. Silly me.

    The true Father. He’s the big guy in charge, obviously, though He’s not just some overlord who controls everything with a tight fist. Well, yeah, okay, He is, and He does. But He keeps control of everything because He truly loves us. I mean, like really, truly loves us.

    I never understood that concept back in my human body, in the Old Age. I was told He loved us, and I believed it somewhat, but I never really understood the depth of that love. Not until I was face to face with Him, knowing that He was also the Son; the Son who chose to lower Himself to touch our filthy planet and walk among us disgusting, evil-minded, sin-filled humans, loving us and caring for us. Just so we could torture Him and spike Him to a wood pole.

    And still He loves us, unconditionally. Wow.

    If it were me, if the roles had been reversed, I would have been the one sitting on the cloud, zapping all the ungrateful humans. The earth would have been destroyed a lonnnggg time ago.

    Now the earth is a pretty cool place. Well, inside the Father’s City, it is. Outside, not so much.

    Honestly, I always thought the earth was amazing. I remember thinking how pretty it could be, like when I’d see a red and orange tinted sunset over the deep blue ocean with colors so vibrant it looked like a painting. Or when I’d find a new insect in the jungle I’d never seen before, one that was so amazing that it was obvious it had been created by Someone with a real artistic talent. And a sense of humor.

    But now? Now, inside Abba’s “camp,” it’s incredible. I never get tired of staring in amazement at all the beauty. It’s totally indescribable. It’s like the color spectrum was increased a hundred times over and the brightest, sunniest day just exploded into a supernova of light.

    And even though the rest of the earth isn’t so great, it’s safe at least. Sort of. I mean, there’s still sin. Not everyone here lives to please the Father. That’s because not everyone who came out of the Tribulation was saved. There were thousands who hadn’t accepted the Lord’s salvation by then, but because they had refused to take the beast’s mark, they were brought to the new life as a reward.

    And considering we’ve all been remade with these new bodies that age really slowly, but can still procreate… well, there are now a lot of people in the New Earth who aren’t the Father’s kids. Which means they still sin.

    We were promised peace for a thousand years, though, so when sin happens, it gets punished. But the punishment is always fair and always fits the crime.

    That’s where I come in. I’m a Remnant, one of a handful who the Father chose to dish out punishment when necessary. We’re basically the police force for the new age. Sorta like God Cops.

    We get special powers and everything. Our new bodies are pretty awesome.

    Those of us who came out of the Tribulation “whole” because we had accepted the Lord’s salvation and we survived in our old bodies were given new bodies that are just a bit different than what we had in the Old Age.

    Like, those who came through without accepting the Lord were basically just given new bodies that age very slowly. But those of us who already belonged to Him were given the slowly aging bodies, but with the addition of abilities that the others don’t have.

    For example, we can instantly transfer from one place to another, like the Son did after His ascension when He appeared to the disciples in a locked room. We can “will” ourselves into the Father’s presence uninvited. We hear better, see better. Jump farther, run faster.

    And we Remnants wield swords that shoot lightning. Just lacking the long white beards, thankfully. Not sure how I’d pull off facial hair.

    Basically, we’re like superheroes in the new age. Pretty danged cool.

    I have more powers than the other Remnants. I’m the Mistress of the Remnant Warriors, the leader. Don’t ask me why I was chosen for that. It definitely wasn’t due to some amazing feats I managed to accomplish in the Old Age. Back then, I was just a tiny, scared chick from Belize City who spent all her days trying to find food and avoid the rape gangs.

    For some reason He’s never told me, the Father decided I was the best one to lead the Remnants. No clue why. Believe me, I’ve tried to figure it out. I’ve had nearly a thousand years to figure it out, but nope. No light bulbs or burning bushes here.

    Those thousand years are almost up. I’m the only one to know this — other than the Father and Son, of course, and the angels. None of the others know. That’s because time doesn’t matter in the new age, so the others don’t know if it’s been a thousand years, or just a couple of decades.

    Being aware of time is another of my powers. Not my favorite, for sure, but that’s only because I know that his time is coming soon.

    Satan is going to be released from the Pit.

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