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Western romance at its best--straight from a country song!

You've heard the song. You've danced to it, and know all the words. You sing along whenever you hear it. But did you know the rest of the story?

Connor is a man without hope. His world is crashing down around him and while he has been praying for a miracle, it seems his prayers are hitting the ceiling.


Just when he thinks he's at the end of his rope, a little filly gallops in and lassos his heart.


To put it mildly, Evelyn is lonely. Married to a man who considers her little more than an employee, she feels duty-bound to complete the task she's been given. But her heart isn't in the job--instead, she longs for adventure.


For just one night, she wants to pretend she's simply a "good ol' boy's girl."


When Connor rides into Evelyn's adventure, it's all she can do to keep herself from falling for his country boy charm. She is a married woman, after all.


And her husband is a very dangerous man.


Can Evelyn fight her feelings for Connor? When Connor prayed for a miracle, is it possible that Evelyn is the answer to that prayer? Read now to find out!


The Story in the Song series is Christian-based clean romance novellas.

Tight Fittin' Jeans Paperback

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