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Call to Arms!

This is taken from I Hear His Whisper, by Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez (I HIGHLY recommend it... 365 days of devotions!)

You are my warrior.

My armies are battle-ready and prepared to fight on your behalf. Step out in faith and watch the miracles break forth. Have I not equipped you? All who rise against you will fall, and those who disgrace my name will be set aside. But your calling is to move forward in faith and bring defeat to the forces of darkness.

Give yourself to me with wholehearted devotion, and the glory within you will shine so brightly, darkness will tremble. Your radical obedience will catapult you into my strategic plans that release your breakthrough. You are unstoppable. You have the backing of heaven and the favor only a child can have. If you could see the angels that have been released to you, you would never be intimidated by the enemy. I have given you everything you need to overcome.

Beautiful one, you are my warrior. You are strong and courageous, anointed and treasured, cared for. You are capable of more than you know. You are surrounded by angels who are ready to slay the giants with you.

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