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2 Skipping Rocks

As Nikki and Reg depend on the Lord to provide and keep their growing community safe, they dread what's coming next... ...things are going to get worse. A lot worse. Will they survive?

Surviving the End Christian Fantasy

We'd been warned about what was going to happen. It had been prophesied for two millennia. But even the ancient texts hadn't completely prepared us for just how difficult those times would be.

Embracing the End Christian Fantasy

They were being hunted. The enemy was relentless. The rest of the world celebrated the "new world order." Christians were fighting to survive. And betrayal is their worst enemy.

Conquering the End Christian Fantasy

The hunt continues. But now the entire world is after them. It seems nothing can stop the enemy from annihilating anyone who stands in their way. Believers especially. Which means us.

The Releasing Christian Fantasy

1,000 years have passed… …and Satan is about to be loosed on the world. 1,000 years of training and Allie still isn't sure she's ready for the fight of an afterlife-time?

The Tempting Christian Fantasy

Satan's coming. The Releasing has happened. It sucks. But now he's going to roam the world and the suck is about to get a whole lot suckier.

The Gathering Christian Fantasy

Lucifer assumes Allie is completely under his control. Powerless. Helpless. That is his biggest mistake yet.

The Consuming Christian Fantasy

Sneaking around inside Lucifer's camp isn’t exactly something Allie is looking forward to. And then her head will become Lucifer's new war helmet. That would suck. Totally.

Tight Fittin' Jeans Cowboy Romance

Connor is a man without hope. His world is crashing down around him and while he has been praying for a miracle, it seems that his prayers are hitting the ceiling. But just when he thinks he's at the end of his rope, a little filly gallops in and lassos his heart.

Mama's Heart

Sometimes life takes a turn we weren't expecting and the detour leads somewhere we never could have imagined. A story of love, loss and learning to live again. True-to-life stories that just might help answer life's questions.

Unasnwered Prayers

Who do you turn to when even your prayers go unanswered? Homeless, friendless and hopeless, Steve finds himself in such a deep valley that it seems there's no way out. His cries for help seem to be ignored. Will God ever hear his prayers?